Room 244

244 Race Street

Room 244 is an intimate events and entertainment space, as well as an art gallery. My sister and I opened this unique business in 2019. The two-part room was a 700 sq-ft storefront space that could be rented for any event, private or public. Every month we feature artwork by local artists to give your event or pop-up a gallery aesthetic. I'm proud that we never missed a single First Friday celebration, hosting tons of artists, makers, pop-up shops, musicians,
and more.

Logo Design

Our gold foil window sign was very eye catching in our large storefront window.

Business Cards

I wanted my cards to feel homey and inviting, much like the space. The circular shapes in different patterns and colors visually represent the idea that Room 244 can be anything you want it to be.

Brand Colors

I wanted the brand colors to evoke a homey intimate feel, so I went for dark colors that really accentuated the pops of that come from the gold foil logo.

The Website

My specialty! I designed a website that was perfect for our business model and clearly broke down how everything worked in a very simple, digestible way. I couldn't have done it without the help of The 215 Guys!
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Events We Participated In

Old City Festival - Andre3000 graced us with his presence!
Bloom Philly Window Display Contest 2020

Black Lives Matter

During the pandemic, when Room 244 was opening and closing as mandates fluxed and the country was in upheaval over race issues, I took the opportunity to use my window space in the heart of the city to spread awareness and support the underserved. I featured powerful political artwork and photography by local artists of color every month for 6 months to help artists make a profit and to start a neighborhood conversation. Room 244 took no commission from these sales.