A pandemic business I ran on my own from sourcing products, pricing items, upcycling, photoshoots, photo editing, marketing, designing, events, social media, and shipping!

Inked Vintage

Logo Design

During the pandemic, I also took up a bit of font design, something I've always wanted to learn and do. With this logo, I aimed to show off a bit of my recent typography design and keep it fun and playful.

Brand Colors

Inspired by the faded colors of vintage t-shirts, I went with muted primary colors. This color scheme is a modern take on 80's-90's fashion.

The Website

The most important part! Unlike Room 244, Inked Vintage did not have a brick and mortar location. It was strictly an online store, and I did pop-ups in thrift events small and large.
Check out the Inked Vintage site!
Password: ineedaniv


I relied on flyers and social media ads as my main marketing campaigns to gain a following.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Armed with a brand new lighting kit, tons of products, and the beautiful streets of historic Philly, I did the best I could to achieve the unique look I had envisioned. I'm thankful that my friends and customers were willing to pose with their purchases.

Hand Painted Clothing

Besides bleach and tie-dying, another way I upcycled some of my vintage finds was with waterproof fabric paint and a brush.

Love + Grit Storefronts Project in Philadelphia

I was chosen by Visit Philly as a participant in the Love + Grit Storefronts Project, an extension of Visit Philadelphia’s popular Love + Grit podcast, features original creations by 12 QBIPOC artists that highlight 24 Black- and Brown-owned businesses adversely affected by COVID-19.