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Here, I'm using a Trotec Speedy 500 Flexx Laser Cutter & Engraver to make products for my brand, Moodio.

Yo, I'm Laura!

Philly born and raised, I am a product of this city brimming with art, culture, and grit. I am a creative, that is, my laptop is glued to my hands, and I'm permanently eye fatigued. To relax, I love a good horror movie, I dog sit, and I cook comforting meals. If I'm not home, you'll find me at a local dive with a glass of whiskey and pool cue in hand. I think I'm funny, but no one will admit it. I’ll let you be the judge.

Tell me about your project.
  • Entrepreneur
    I love a good challenge! What is more grinding than creating a brand and business all on your own? Nothing. Ok, maybe heart surgery or something.

  • Creative Director
    I spent 4 years as the CD at The 215 Guys where I combined my knack for design with big picture planning and process development.

  • Freelance Designer
    In my 14 years in design, I've created logos, menus, websites, ads, books, and print assets for local restaurants, coffee shops, and small businesses.

  • Artist & Maker
    Sometimes I need to get away from the blue light of my laptop and work with my hands. Check out my newest project, Moodio, where I make things.

A Life + Home Design Studio

I came up with Moodio while conceptualizing a dream brand that was open ended so that I could explore the depths of my creativity. I'm learning maker techniques as I design and hand make goods and release new collections periodically.

Check out Moodio

Some of my favorite freelance projects

Creative Director from 2019-2023

For 7 years, I worked with The 215 Guys, a boutique web design agency located in Old City Philly. While I was there, I designed tons of websites for local businesses small and large! I have since made the difficult decision to step away to work independently on my own projects full time.

The 215 Guys Portfolio