Making things generally
nicer-looking since 2011

Hi, I'm Laura!

Philly born and raised, I am a product of this city brimming with art, culture, and grit. I am a creative, that is, my laptop is glued to my hands, and I'm permanently eye fatigued. To relax, I love a good horror movie, I dog sit, and I cook like nobody's business. If I'm not home, you'll find me at a local dive with a glass of whiskey and pool cue in hand (I suck though). I think I'm funny, but no one will admit it. I’ll let you be the judge.

  • Entrepreneur
    I love a good challenge! What is more grinding than creating a brand and business all on your own? Nothing. Ok, maybe heart surgery or something.

  • Creative Director
    I spent 3 years as the CD at The 215 Guys where I combined my knack for design with big picture planning and process development.

  • Interactive Designer
    ‍‍I have 7 years and counting in web design under my belt. From wireframing, to designing, to organizing things for developers, I can do it in my sleep.

  • Branding Mind
    ‍‍I make logos and branding guides for a majority of my freelance projects. My favorite kind of projects I do are really for fun, but the side cash doesn't hurt.

  • Artist & Maker
    Sometimes I need to get away from the blue light of my laptop and work with my hands. Check out my newest project, Moodio Studio, where I make things.


What I'm busy with!

I created Moodio, a life and home design studio where I create whimsical solutions for everyday objects and daily comforts. The Moodio style is clean, bold, fun, and cozy with unique patterns or details that twist expectation and elevate a room.

Check out Moodio

Some small businesses I opened and closed in the past 5 years.

I ran these businesses with as much gumption as I could muster, all while holding down a full time job, but alas, shit happens (like a global pandemic and burn out) and sometimes the smartest thing to do is close up shop, take what you learned, and put your energy towards something new.

The 215 Guys

Creative Director from 2020-2023

For 7 years, I worked with The 215 Guys, a boutique web design agency located in Old City Philly. While I was there, I designed tons of websites for local businesses small and large! I have since made the difficult decision to step away to focus on my brand, Moodio.

The 215 Guys portfolio