Restaurant Branding Projects

Nam Vietnamese Kitchen

Nam is a casual restaurant in University City, Philly on the corner of 39th and Chestnut Streets. Created by local restauranteurs, Kenny Poon, David Taing, and Tuan Phung, Nam is right next to other restaurants and bars they own on that corner alone: Bonchon Chicken, Halal Guys Philly franchise, West & Down, Paris Baguette, and Tea Do.

Banh Mi & Bottles

A chill bar and restaurant in Center City, Philly on South Street between 7th and 8th, Banh Mi & Bottles serves Vietnamese street food, homemade sodas, a huge collection of bottled beer, and unique cocktails.

Banh Mi & Ti

A popular lunch spot in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh where there are very limited number of Vietnamese establishments, BMT is paving the way! French baguette sandwiches, boba tea, rice bowls, vermicelli bowls, and more, everything served here is delicious and authentic.


In 2016, I made this doodle-like logo for a small mom-and-pop shop in Pittsburgh. Today, after years of rave reviews, they are planning on opening their second location.
BMT Website

Woosa Bubble Tea

A bubble tea and snack shop in University City, Philly. They have tons of different drink options!


Woosa wanted a modern version of their previous logo shown below:

Paper Menu

Wall Clings

2" Stickers

Wall Menu