Logo Design

As I often do, I created the type for this logo. I wanted it to be sleek, balanced, and understated so that it wouldn't distract from my fun, quirky creations.

Brand Colors

Everything for this brand in black, white, and grayscale. I let my unique products and bold photography bring the color.

The Cement Collection

These flyers are for my first product release. I made and photographed these cement-casted and waterproofed multipurpose home goods. I named the collection simply "Cement" and all items are one of a kind.

Lights, Camera, Action!

I learned a lot about product photography after doing Inked Vintage. I was limited with clothing at the time, but with these quirky, colorful products, I was able to have so much fun playing with colors. If you know me, you know I LOVE COLOR.

Pop-up Shops

Since I do not have a brick-and-mortar, doing pop-ups has been a great way to get my brand out there, see people's reactions to my products, and see what is popular.

The Website

I revamped my website for my second collection, The Acrylic Collection. Naturally, 7 weeks after launching the quick and easy version of my site, I launched a newer and better iteration! This one has quick shop, color swatches, a smoother check out process, and the option to “pick-up” at check out.
Moodio Studio site!

The Acrylic Collection

After learning to use a laser cutter and engraver and gaining access to the Trotec Flex 300 Laser Cutter and Engraver at Next Fab, I went to the drawing board and brainstormed how to make something new. First pencil drawings, then gathering materials, then printing prototypes. These plant stand and jewelry display designs were tested for a few months, edited, and tweaked for multiple iterations. Learning by trial and error is pretty difficult when you're trying to make things that aren't a thing with a brand new skill, but now I can finally take these designs to market!

Be At Ease Tote

Laura's Story:
I come from a beach-loving family. When I was 5, I thought the trek from the boardwalk to the water was a miles-long, hot desert that we had to cross to get to the oasis that is Wildwood, NJ. Over the years, I found the calm water just past the violent beach waves. I swim in until I can't feel the ground and I think, reflect, breathe. The salt water is healing. This design is dedicated to people's happy places. Where do you feel peace? May you find yourself there more often.

Details: One-sided print
Features: Zippered closure to protect interior from sandInside zippered hanging pocket
Material: 100% cotton canvas
Size: Length 15", Width 22", Depth 5"
Strap drop: 7.5"
Strap length: 18"
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Just getting started!

I've been spending a lot of time learning to make products and do it well. Quality over quantity is the motto here. These cement items were just the start as I explore mediums like laser cutting, wood working, 3D printing, and more. Stay tuned!

The future of Moodio.

First stop, local boutiques! Moodio will start humbly online and local shelves, but I dream that one day Moodio may be sold at Yowie, the MoMA store, HAY Design, and other amazing design-focused stores. I'm a Dusen Dusen wanna be! Maybe a brick and morter if things go well. Wish me luck!